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Serdar  Denktaş
(23.09. - 02.10. 2011)

"I was born the 3rd June 1961 in Kızıltepe. I spent my childhood and early youth in Ünye, Fatsa, Akçakale, Halfeti and Bursa, later I studied at the Computer Engineering Department of the Middle-Eastern Technical University. Between 1985 – 1993 I lived in Vienna/ Austria, where I made my MA in Informatics at the Vienna Technical University. 1993 I returned to Turkey. After having lived in Istanbul until 1997, I enjoyed the academic environment of the Muğla University for one year after which I settled down in Akyaka in the year 1998.  

I worked for various national and international companies in the fields of information technologies, engineering, project management and as planning expert. Since I have settled in Akyaka I work in the tourism sector. I care about protecting the natural life of the beautiful surrounding I live in and support efforts in this direction. Since I have been elected in 2009 as chairman of the Akyaka Citizens Council, I strive for the democratic participation of Akyaka citizens in the decision making process of the local administration.  

To immediately answer the question of where art fits into this “professional” profile, I do not call myself an artist. While this would be pretentious on the one hand, it would be respect less towards art and artists. If you wish you can call it feeling good about oneself, turning towards nice feelings, therapy or hobby. I want to thank G.A.S.-Der for giving me the courage and to motivate me to show my, in comparison with the work of artists, unassuming work for the first time.  

I bring glass, stone, ceramic and other objects together to give them a new meaning, would best summarise and describe what I am doing. This form of expression, called mosaic is one of human history’s ancient arts. On the other hand, the relationship between human beings and nature is reflected in art and in modern times is very different from the reflection before modernity. I call my mosaic work, different from its meaning of old times, “recycling” and “use again”.

Recycling, because I use objects that have been used as different material, had fulfilled its function and had been discarded as rubbish. Window panes broken while playing football, plates broken while doing the dishes, mirrors cracked while making up, tiles fractured while moving and discarded as junk, ceramics, outdated furniture and other things.  

Since its first principle is “consuming” our age produces ample material, as long as we want to recycle it. We can decorate recycled material, things, thought of as having fulfilled its lifespan and make them reusable.

Shortly, recycling and reusing is the essence of my mosaic work. In my personal life I try to slow the tempo of consuming and to produce as little waste as possible. Still, I feel the need to sloooow down even more. I think, the real artist of modern times is the one that succeeds to slow down."