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                        Redecouvrons Ensemble les Memoires de l'Eau

                                  Rediscovering together the Water Heritage in the Mediterranean Region

                                                    Akdeniz'deki Su Mirasını Birlikte Yeniden Keşfetmek




Our project is part of this program's framework, each partner implements a different aspect of the adventurous journey into the past and the future of our mutual heritage, the one source we all use together and without which life, culture, our daily bread and joy would not be possible- WATER...

Proje Broşürü (Türkçe / İngilizce)

REMEE and G.A.S.-Der in the Euromed Heritage IV Framework

Euromed Projects Launch Phase

G.A.S.-Der Workplans

First Committee Meeting / Corsica, France

Second Committee Meeting / Hammamet, Tunisia


Downloads (English,Turkish+French)