Launching events and kick-off meetings:

Paving the way for the EH 4 implementation



EH 4 Projects Activities

Since January 2009, when the EuropeAid Cooperation Office announced the twelve awarded projects for Euromed Heritage 4, many projects have organised preparatory meetings and launching events, when all project partners and associated got together and discussed about projects’ concrete implementation and administrative and financial issues.


ManuMed II - Of manuscripts and men was the first project to hold its kick-off meeting, which was taken in Arles on late December 2008, followed by the others:


MedMem - Sharing our Mediterranean audio-visual heritage (25-27 February, Marseille);


Elaich - Educational linkage approach in cultural heritage (3-5 March, Haifa);


HammaMed - Raising awareness for the hammam as a cultural heritage for the Mediterranean area and beyond (4-6 March, Marrakech);


Mutual Heritage - From historical integration to contemporary active participation (3-8 March, Rabat/Casablanca);


Mare Nostrum - A heritage trail along the Phoenician maritime routes and historic port-cities of the Mediterranean Sea (30-31 March, Florence);


REMEE - Rediscovering together the water heritage in the Mediterranean region (5-10 April, Corsica);


Athena - Ancient theatres enhancement for new actualities (6-7 April, Amman).


RMSU members, including the Team Leader and Project Managers, participated in a number of these events taking back a positive opinion about the degree of involvement.


As stressed by Christophe Graz, RMSU Project Manager:


I am quite impressed by the vitality of most of the projects, their degree of commitment and their capacity to involve all partners in the discussion. This confirms the high potential of the selected projects in terms of content, themes and activities to be carried out, and the associated difficulties to articulate them. A lot of work is to be done to maximise a better integration of the projects into the overall Euromed Heritage 4 framework, emphasising commonalities and cross-cutting themes, intra-projects activities and exploitation of results. The challenges we will face in the coming months are huge, but this is an encouraging starting point. I hope this energy and feeling will last until the end of the programme and preferably after.”


The official launch of remaining projects is scheduled as follows:


Medliher - Safeguarding Mediterranean Living Heritage, 26-28 Mai;

Siwa-Tanger - Protect and promote tangible and intangible heritage, end of June;

Foundations for a strong future - Youth in Lebanon and Jordan promoting cultural heritage, to be established.


REMEE's Launching Event

Date:              05.-10.04.2009

Place:             Corte / Corsica

Organisation:  OEC / Corsica

Language:       French

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