As Friends of Gökova- Akyaka, we proudly present our participation as a partner in a major project to 'rediscover our mutual Mediterranean water heritage', part of the Euromed Heritage 4 Program of the European Commission. We developed our work schedule together with APARE, a french NGO, who coordinates the whole of the project, which is composed by the partner projects of 5 Mediterranean NGOs, of which we are one, the 'Turkish leg'. Before presenting our part of 'REMEE' (Redecouvrons Ensemble les Memoires de l'Eau= Rediscovering Water Heritage together), let me first give you an introduction to the general ideas of the program:


Euromed Heritage 4

Since 1998 the Euromed Heritage regional programme has committed a total of 57 million Euros to fund partnerships between conservation experts and heritage institutions from the countries of the Mediterranean region. Almost 400 partners from the Member States of the European Union and MEDA countries (Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey) have benefited from the Programme during its past phases:


Euromed Heritage 4 represents a further milestone in the process of recognizing 'culture' as a catalyst for mutual understanding between the people of the Mediterranean region. Today embedded in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and with a budget of 17 million euros, Euromed Heritage 4 (2008-2012) intends to facilitate the appropriation by people of their own national and regional cultural legacy through easier access to education and knowledge on cultural heritage.


To meet this goal, a number of projects are funded for a three-year period. Each project brings together a leading organization and various partners from both the European Union and Mediterranean Partner Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria and Tunisia. Euromed Heritage 4 offers to selected projects a framework for exchanges of experience, channels for disseminating best practices as well as new perspectives for the development of the cultural institutional environment at national and regional levels.

Our project is part of this program's framework, each partner implements a different aspect of the adventurous journey into the past and the future of our mutual heritage, the one source we all use together and without which life, culture, our daily bread and joy would not be possible- WATER...

"Rediscovering together the Water Heritage in the Mediterranean Region"

Project Duration: 01.01.09 to 30.06.11

Coordinator: Association pour la Participation et l'Action Régionale (A.P.A.RE.), France

Countries involved: Algeria, France, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey


'REMEE' is one of the 12 awarded projects of the Euromed Heritage 4 Program.


All Projects have been officially launched in the first half of 2009.


Summary The heritage issued from water management in Mediterranean countries tells of the way people in both rural and urban areas dealt with the lack of water and organised local societies around water management. Nowadays, most of this vernacular heritage is not protected and its sustainability is threatened by recent social and economic evolutions - mechanisation of agriculture, rural exodus, disorganised urban development, etc. Legal protection is insufficient and requires the support of awareness among local populations and decision makers. This project aims to promote the conservation of the vernacular heritage connected with water management in the Euro-Mediterranean regions; heighten public awareness, especially among young people, of the protection and value of such a heritage; promote water management techniques linked to this heritage; and initiate local development projects based on the valorisation of this heritage with the participation of local populations. It will work on the design of a common methodology for the protection and management of water heritage resources in the region. The project associates seven partners active in the field of civil society mobilisation for heritage conservation. It is based on eight complementary activities in which the participation of Mediterranean citizens, especially young people, is crucial.



*Office de l'Environnement de la Corse (OEC), France;

*CMEM - Centre Méditerranéen de l'Environnement de Marrakech, Morocco;

*Association pour l'Education Relative ŕ l'Environnement d'Hammamet (AERE), Tunisia;

*Association de Réflexion d'Echanges et d'Action pour l'Environnement et le Développement (AREA-ED), Algeria;

*The Association of the Friends of Gököva-Akyaka (G.A.S.-Der), Turkey;

*Mediterranean Centre for Environment (MKP), Greece



- Conservation & Rehabilitation

- Cultural Tourism

- Intangible Heritage

- Landscape, Planning & Infrastructures

- Research/ Education & Training


Work Program of the

Friends of Gökova- Akyaka

This short plan presents the main issues of the work schedule of the Association of the « Friends of Akyaka-Gököva » as partner of the REMEE Project/ Euromed Heritage 4 Program:


Elaboration and Approval of a mutual Modus Operandi for all involved Partners Workshop to validate a method to achieve an inventory of the heritage, mobilising the local partners and setting up the project. During the workshop all foreseen activities are presented, discussed and approved by the project partners. The workshop is organised by the Environmental Office of Corsica in Corte (France).


Transnational pedagogical Program "Young actors for the Mediterranean Water Heritage

Elaboration and validation of work method Identification of young target groups in Turkey (minimum 80 young people)

Elaboration of local pedagogic project – set up of exchanges with the other local projects

Putting into effect the pedagogic Project

Defining the output of the work in Turkey (exhibition)

Assessment and Evaluation


Definition and Diffusion of Awareness Building Tools for the general Public

Validation of the project communication plan Validation of the  exhibition plans, the guide book, the DVD and the website

Collection of outcomes about the Water Heritage in the Partner Countries

Collection of visual material (photo and videos) about the project activities (pedagogical program, protection activities, development…) by a specialist group of APARE and OEC

Participation in the contents elaboration (definition and validation of texts, collection of outcomes…)

Diffusion and Presentation of the outcomes in the partner countries


Creation of a Documentary Centre about the Water Heritage

Validation of the Principles and Contents of a Documentary Centre

Collection of Outcomes using the practical approach defined by APARE and OEC

Look out for documents and information concerning the issues of the REMEE Project


Coordination and Set Up of Project

Designation of a Local Work Coordinator referring to the partner structure

Pursuit of technical, administrative and financial defined modalities of the partner convention

Regular technical and financial Reports to APARE following the rhythm and the defined modalities of the partner convention

Participation on the Steering Committee Meetings, the final Seminar and other eventual technical Meetings

Eventual Support (Expertise) for the realisation of the local Projects in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria



Project Group

Project Coordinator, Water Heritage Expert: Bahar SUSEVEN

Water Heritage Archive Consultant: Mehmet BILDIRICI

Chief of Files, IT and PR Officer, Exhibition Coordinator: Thomas SCHMITZ

Budget Officer: Mustafa TASKESIGI

  More information about the work we are doing concerning this project...