Şirince 15.08.- 05.09.2009



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To get more unbiased opinions, we made some additional print outs of the handbook draft and distributed them among several key persons (Mayor of Akyaka, Consultant Colleagues, Province Sailing and Tourism Representative, Ex Minister for Inner Affairs), the reactions being throughout very positive. This encourages us to go on promoting our approach among officials and the local administration of the region we worked in, as well as promoting the results as a good and practicable example for campuses as well as for planning a more sustainable tourism. We can see even now, that the handbook is a valuable document for new and contemporary strategies.  

These reactions additionally justify our idea to produce and print hardcopies of the handbook for distribution with the leftover budget, rather than solely distribute it on the internet or on CD. Hardcopies are available, please contact the Turkish coordinator.

The campus has definitely left a footprint and provided us and everybody involved with a base to work upon the subject of changing the principles of tourism planning. Starting on a small scale it may yet prove to develop into a guideline much bigger than we expected. During this campus a solid base has been laid for healthy planning and further projects.

With the chosen location we have found a place and surrounding that looks more than friendly upon all our efforts. Starting with the Municipality of Selšuk, who has already emphasised its interest in further cooperation and support in the years to come and stressed its will to be even involved closer in the preparation phase of a campus to be.

The administration of the Mathematic's Village loves the idea of further involvement into our projects and plans and the will to host us further. They only asked for a more long term planning and synchronising of dates, a wish that can easily be answered once a continuity of the campuses would be secured.

The board of G.A.S.-Der and the staff involved would like to repeat this elating experience and are more than ready for further cooperation with CME and the Region PACA. Their capacity allows planning future campuses with a multitude of themes, even other than eco tourism. They know the region well and are working on various sustainable development related subjects for more than 20 years.

We are all looking forward to many more Turkey Campusses and further cooperations in the future!