Collected Turkish and English/German
articles concerning fishotters

National Fishotter Database Workgroup
Bahar Suseven/Thomas Schmitz
48650  Akyaka/Ula
Kavak Sok. 7

National Fishotter Database Project

As the situation of the Fishotter (Lutra lutra L.) is not really researched in Turkey, we thought it useful for a start to collect articles and theses' published about Fishotters in Turkish language. All of them have been transferred into digital form, so they are available to a greater public now.

The few independent researches show that Turkey is an important habitat for Fishotters. Here again our objective is to gather available information and unite it with the results of almost 15 years of our own investigations. A database has been started with all available details, like when, where and who claimed to have spotted Fishotters. Apart from our own data we only relied on information from experienced and reliable fieldworkers. Unreliable data has been marked for further investigation and verification.

As everywhere else solid knowledge is a fundamental part of protection measures for Fishotters in Turkey. Our work is a first step to provide vital conservation data concerning Fishotter abundance.

According to the Ramsar Directives Fishotters are an indicator for quality habitats and a valuable flagship species. In this context Fishotter research is not only important for the survival of a highly endangered species but an asset for human life's quality as well. 

Threats to Fishotters in Turkey are:

Industrialization (Water pollution)
Illegal killing (Fishfarm, Restaurants)
Poaching (Fur)