How can you help us?

Provided you want to :-))


  • Sign with your e-mail address for the protection of our wetland. Each and every form is collected and will be presented to the authorities. You make our position stronger.

  • Become a member! For that you have to have a valid residence permit for Turkey or you must be a Turkish citizen.

  • If, for the above reasons, you can not become an ordinary member, there is the possibility to become an honourable member. There is no limitation for foreigners in this respect and entitles us to accept donations from you.

  • Visit our website regularly. The more visitors we have, the more attractive becomes the site for possible sponsors.

  • Become a sponsor for our website! Drop a mail to, and we will come back to you.

  • Donate via our bank account:
    (Bank to bank transfer are allowed only within Turkey and in
    Turkish currency and with your full name and address!)

        Garanti Bank, Muğla (507), Account No. 507-6299583 / Gökova Akyaka'yı Sevenler Derneği,
        Reference: Bağış (Donation)

        We will send you a receipt by post immediately.

  • Become a sponsor for activities of our association.

  • Last not least, use your fantasy, may be you have an idea we did not think of yet!