A villa in the south? Wonderful, but before:

 A real-estate purchase abroad is an important decision.

Holiday mood may lead you to decisions that you may regret in the aftermath.

So, if you think of a real-estate purchase in Turkey, please consider: 

  • Basically contracts with regard to real-estate sales are valid only by notarial conclusion. Here it applies to consider that notaries in Turkey have no strict consultation duty. A notarial contract can be still illegal and therefore be contested later.

  • Confer if possible with an experienced lawyer, check if the agent is a member of the chamber of real estate agents.(Emlak odasi) Since the beginning of 2005 the Turkish laws say, that the real estate offices have to have a certificate (Emlak Danışmanlığı sertifikasi - should be hanging in the office). Without this the agent is not legal to sell properties. If for example a carpet seller, a hairdresser a waiter or any other private person shows you a property (mostly they put 10% or more on top of the price for themselves) you should take for your own confidence always a real estate agent beside you. Don't think about the commission that you only have to pay in case you buy a property,  it is little compared to what you can loose.

  •  Personal contracts, also before witnesses, in general do not hold to a later court procedure.

  • Verbal or written assents, in particular with regard to the use of a property as a later building land, are to be treated with the biggest care. Find out at the authorities (city administration or local government), insist on inspecting of the current development plan or the topical land-use plan.

  • Trust is good, but certainty calms down enormously.

  • With the real-estate purchase by foreigners permission is to be obtained in some areas which can last sometimes very long. Without obliging, valid, notarial sale promise a real estate can be sold in the meantime

  • Often the same real estate is offered by different brokers. Compare prices and conditions.

  • Find out exactly about the cost allocation of the broker's commission. Here generally a rate of 3 % each for buyer as well as seller is use.

  • The costs for real estate tax, water, electricity, garbage disposal and alike should be paid before the sale. Usually this is the obligation of the salesman.

  • A contract is the first step, but does not make you an owner yet. Only the title deed (Turkish: tapu) makes you own the property.

     After the purchase:

  • A real estate possession does not mean the automatic acquisition of a residents or work permit.

  •  Compare prices with renovation or other services. To catch up different offers, pays off often. Indeed the formula “everything from one hand “ is comfortable, however, there is the danger of misuse.

     After considering all this you (hopefully) will have a great pleasure with your holidayhome in Turkey.

    Be welcome!!!

Please, don't ask us for reccomandation concerning  agents. For self-explainig reasons we cannot do this.