Allow about two weeks before your permit expires

Apparently no need to go to Muhtar first … 

1        Write suitable dilekci stating how many years you want for renewal (2, 3 or 5) This used to be their choice but as the cost to UK citizens is over 2000 YTL I asked for only 3 (1,434 YTL) and this was accepted. Take dilekci to Ula Kaymakan (big building on left going into Ula). Go up to 2nd floor – turn right and on left side.  If Ahmet Bey is in it will take only minutes. Take signed dilekci to:-

2        Ula Police – upstairs 1st floor – office at far right corner. Cılal Bey in charge. He will need :- 

a.      2 copies of current passport (plus original to check!)

b.      2 copies of tapu or rental agreement

c.      2 copies of bank account/s showing sufficient savings – if two bank accounts then 2 copies of each. *

d.      2 copies of ikamet (not completely sure if this was needed?) but take original along too.

 * they weren’t interested in döviz receipts this time! 

3        Cılal Bey will tell you when to come back again – 2 – 3 days

4        Collect all papers (in envelope) from Ula Police and take to Muğla Vahliyet

a.      At main entrance after security turn right and walk to end and go up to 2nd floor.  Turn left and last door on right get 1st signature.

b.      2nd signature is from the door facing you at the far end of that corridor on 2nd floor.

5        Go to new Emniyet Sarayi near Otogar.  Parking available and better to enter back entrance of the big building.  Go through security and turn left and in that corner is main Yabancılar Office to which you will return after each stage.

a.      Go out of main office and two doors down left side for 1st signature.

b.      Go up central stairs and at top 2nd signature from 1st office on your left marked Trafik(?) Room 206

c.      Return to main office and they will send you next door (towards main entrance) for final signature

d.      Back in main office you will be asked to sit down in inner area and a paper will be given you with the cost of your permit. This has to be paid at main Vergi dairesi which is back near market in big new block containing cinema and underground parking. This tax office opens at 9 and closes at 4 with lunch hour (check whether 12 or 1230)

6        Tax Office – inside main entrance is Vezne on your left where you will hand over the cash but first you must turn right after security control and enter a big office on your right – often there is noone in it so walk across to counter exactly opposite and someone will relieve you of your piece of paper which then requires 2 more checks/stamps after that return to Vezne and PAY!! At Vezne they will take your paper (from Emniyet) and give you another and this you take back to Emniyet main office.

7        After a few more days and a final signature you will receive your new Ikamet – during this time the Akyaka jandarme will appear at your house and will ask some questions.  They should be accompanied by an OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR.  This is the first time I’ve been questioned – before they just checked where you lived.