Nail Çakırhan Sok. 9,  48 640 Akyaka / ULA / MUĞLA

The Presentation shown on the event
(in English)

A community based process
for a sustainable future

 The second evaluation of the "Vision Akyaka" process has successfully taken place. After the first evalution in October 2005 this one took place on December 8th. Aim of the meeting was to discuss the process that had started and initiated by our association in 2004  and where NGO's, business people and the local authorites had been invited.

On the first initial meeting in 2004 the following was agreed as a "Constitution of Akyaka" and signed by all participants in a ceremony:


We see an Akyaka that has protected its natural and architectural structure,
perfected its infrastructure,
leads a vivid social and cultural life,
unites communal values and
shares this fortune all year round with its visitors.

To agree on contemporary and participatory methods to evaluate any approach that
can have an impact on natural diversity
To protect the nature in the area between the two rivers by planning further
building on the slopes of the hills, using the typical architectural style of the town
To cooperate with all involved groups to overcome problems that may eventual
arise in the future

Perfection of infrastructure as streets, canalisation, waste water treatment,
waste collection and systems, subterranean cable systems and park areas with contemporary standards and methods.
Social capacity building to enhance public abilities and to enri
ch social and cultural life without destroying the local character and to offer places where all people can meet to follow this aim.
A tourism strategy that
makes Akyaka to a trademark and is valid all year round.
Offering regional organic
products to local inhabitants and visitors. 


During the meeting missed opportunities, learnt lessons and perspectives for the future were mutually discussed.

Invited were the participants of the first meeting and some more people of Akyaka that are familiar with the process

Starting at 9.30 a.m. several workgroups discussed strenthes, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Developing proposals that were mutually discussed and later agreed. The meeting ended in the late afternoon at 6 p.m.

Here some fotos: