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Dogs we lost through poisoning

We are looking for a new home...

İcy - This cute girl was dumped at one of the beaches near Akyaka, at a poor condition. But she recovered and was neutered, had all her vaccinations. She started to live at the harbour few km. outside Akyaka, and was taken care of the locals there. Last Wednesday (5th of May) late in the evening a speeding car driving also in the wrong direction hit her while she was sleeping at the road side. The driver possibly drunk! The outcome three fractures on her left hip. Her condition has stabilized and she is with me now till she will fully recover. The x-rays also had a suprise for us! This lovely girl was shot at, she was living with two bullets (possibly the reason why she was so sick when she first arrived) which can be easily seen in the x-rays!
Dandyboy - He was just dumped at Sakartepe because he was old and could not see well! Like many others every year from the surrounding villages. Sakartepe one of the most beautiful scenic routes of southern Turkey. A heavy lorry traffic and a hell for the unwanted dogs! He managed to live in one of the corners just before Akyaka turn for three months, a miracle for a nearly blind dog (somebody had provided a kennel and passing people were feeding him). One of his eyes is lost and the other has a heavy cataract. He bumps into fences and falls in ditches but can manage very well on flat ground and able to see things just infront of him. He is now at a vets kennel and waiting for a real home to spend his last years. The most social and jolly dog ı have ever seen! Our dandy boy :)
Cicek - Çiçek was dumped at Akyaka mid may. We immediately started to become calls about an injured puppy. Next day we took her to vet in Marmaris. Apparently the failure was from birth were the tendons were short. on the 22nd of ı had to get a dog from Mugla Shelter to İzmir to be re-operated by a renown orthopaedist who was flying in from Ankara. So we took Cicek who is now under care of Moira, her angel. Moira lives in-between Akyaka and Ireland, a real animal fan especially helping with difficult cases. Çiçek within the last 10 days with good nourishment and vitamins has improved incredibly, is able to walk on her both front legs. In Urlavet she was x-rayed and diagnosed as having radial paralysis. Additional Vit-B, physiotherapic message to extend the tendons which have shrunk because of not being used and an antibiotic cure for a possible infection at the joints has been prescribed for the time being. And we'll see how we will get on.....
Ginger - Our mange puppy after her dermatological bathing that we are doing every fourth day. After lots of hassle :)) she has checked in to the first room of Old Gendarmerie Building! And will stay there till she will get well and would you like to adopt her than??????

Bambi................ (an unusual archaeological find in Elmalı!)

This summer 2008 Bambi appeared in the garden of our excavation houses in Elmalı. At first it was difficult to identify her because she was very shy and hiding herself away from us. When at last we got close to her, we could see that she had infected bites all over her body, possibly inflicted by the other larger street dogs. She was only, at most, five months old and had found a hiding place in our garden. We immediately got her to a local vet who gave the whole treatment for free, and later we started with the routine vaccinations. The students at the excavation named her Bambi. At the end of the season I could not leave her there, so she came to Akyaka. She was, for a while, at Vet Hasan Ulaş’ kennels where she was sterilized. Then we put Bambi at the entrance of the forest area in order to get her slowly used to the other beach dogs. Since she was very shy it took quite a while for her to get acquainted with the other dogs. Now she is one of them, but she really needs a caring home. She has beautifully soft golden fur, is of mixed breed but has a very good nature.


Çirkin was dropped as a grown up dog in Akyaka. FHDD have neutered her and she has had all her injections. In 2008 she took part in the Muğla "dog Beauty Contest". She’s a very intelligent good natured dog and we are looking for a good loving home for her.


Gezgin and her pup...............

It was only in October that we first saw this mother and her pup. İt was impossible not to recognize the two of them because Gezgin, the mother, is a splendid fox hound (nearly!) and her three legged pup of mixed breed. Because they must have been recently dumped, the mother was searching around like crazy and the poor wee pup barely three months old, trying to keep up with her! We immediately put them into Vet Hasan Ulas’ kennels.

The mother was sterilized and the pup was treated and had a good rest for a few days! Apparently the hind leg was dislocated from the bone but the wound healed, possibly with the care of mother. He and mum were de-wormed and got their first lot of vaccinations. When the time came to put them back on the street, thanks to Mrs İrmgard providing us with a large size kennel, we decided to put this down in the harbour by the fishermen’s cooperative, right behind the open air cinema. The idea was that, being so young, the little pup would stay near the kennel and mother would have a place to come back to for food (since we supply food in this area). This was the plan but it hasn’t worked out that way! Almost the next day Mother Gezgin (the wanderer) was away exploring our village and people were reporting them in every area! Our friend, Jane, tries to keep up with the pair when she goes down each night with nourishing food for the pup! And for mother too! We desperately need a home for this delightful pup, because although he runs nearly as fast as mother on his three legs it is so dangerous for this little fellow to be all over our busy village! If possible they should have a home together because Mother is very close to the standards of a foxhound and quite beautiful! They are both so good natured, and amusing characters! Mother is about 2-3 years old, sterilized, has all vaccinations. Pup is around 3-4 months, male, and will have his rabies injection soon.


Arapkız or our 'Black girl' is a Labrador mix - female of about 10 months. She was dumped in Akyaka at the beginning of this summer (2008). She’s been sterilized there and all her vaccinations have been done by our group. Unluckily, in August, right outside the Council buildings she was injured by a car.  Vet. Behcet bey, of Villa-pet in Marmaris, has diagnosed a long humerus break on her front leg and she was operated on the very same day, and a pin has been placed to hold her broken leg. She spent three weeks at the small kennels run by our local Vet. Hasan Ulaş, before she was released in Akyaka again. Today she has no trace of her injury, is a healthy and a very good natured dog in spite of all she has lived through. The person who caused the accident has been identified by the local Akyaka Gendarmerie – it was apparently a school teacher in one of the villages near the town of Yatağan. Unfortunately he has turned down our request for financial help towards all this. We have made a claim through the Ula Public Prosecutor and await the outcome of this case.