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Compassion for Animals = Affection for People = Respect for the Community

May Itır rest in peace-

we will not forget her!

The street animals of Akyaka have lost their mother, we have lost an esteemed voluntary and beloved friend- we have lost Itır İnselbağ last Friday, 23rd July 2010.

Like many people, who choose Akyaka, Itır did not only live here, but had taken a concrete and esteemed place in this newly developed composite community through her self chosen mission. She attended to street animals and fulfilled her task with passion.

Despite some residents, whose improper attitudes make the lives and tasks of our street animal caretakers very difficult, Itır always smiled and did not abstain from her duty.

A great part of our street animals health and welfare, their being fed and vaccinated is due to Itır. We feel the loss bitterly and are very sad.

We condemn the ugly conduct of some residents towards some of our volunteers, our friends, who are taken the care for our street animals upon them and will go on doing so. We want to underline the fact and remind these people, that their task is a social task, a contribution to the community and that their mission deserves our respect.


We want to thank our Imam Hüseyin Erbaş, the Village Mayor Mehmet Datça and the Town Mayor Ahmet Çalca for making Itır's funeral a warm and comforting event and for providing solidarity to all participants.

home - thanks and good byeA commemoration meeting for Itır İnselbağ will be held on Friday, the 30th July, at 10.30h in the Municipality Park. All friends are welcome!