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Newsletter March/April 2006

 Dear members and friends.

 As you know, we always try to keep you informed and up to date with our activities.

 Our activities in the Biyo Gökova Project, supported by the UNDP/GEF have now been completed. The last bit was finished at the end of the year 2005. Our most important task was the production of the final conclusive reports. Naturally, the effects of such a project carry on. The walking guide made by us will be distributed this year, too. Unfortunately, parts of the 18 walks have lost some of their attraction!

1) The antique mosaic of Hasimbahçe was destroyed by a municipal bulldozer …. 

Our complaints to the department responsible got us nowhere and there was nothing more to be saved.

2) In Akçapinar some of the trees that carried nests of the stork colony were cut. Logically, the number of storks declined. So some of our descriptions and references are no longer valid.

3) The park and wood in the centre of Akyaka were cleaned from bushes and ivy in the course of "spring cleaning". Hundreds of bird nests and parts of plants being under global protection were destroyed. –  so again Akyaka lost one more bit of its spell.

4) The natural beauty of the Ula Canyon is in danger. At the entrance of the canyon a quarry is planned. Residents asked our association for support. We will take action with a signature campaign and will contact the departments responsible.

 We managed to prevent an illegal beach discotheque but only after several petitions. The beach club in the protected area at the delta of the Akçapinar River was opened at the beginning of last season. A short time later, due to our protests it had to be closed down again. The paving and the largest part of the illegally planted trees were taken away; the unbearable noise pollution came to an end. But we have now heard, the Akyaka municipality plans a similar project in Akyaka's last unspoiled and peaceful bay, the "Çinar Beach".

 The first preliminary talks with a Greek biologist for a Greek Turkish “InterReg” project took place but we await the results. On invitation, we participated in the first meeting for the "project of protecting the bio-diversity and establishment of an administrative plan for the Köycegiz- Dalyan special protected area". We expressed our readiness to participate in the work developing here.

 In the last 2 years the association was denounced several times because of alleged irregularities and thereupon several controls were made; one time by an official commission of the Turkish Ministry for Inner Affairs. Thus we probably have the doubtful honour, to be the best examined association in the province of Mugla! The slandering and requests proved as groundless – which was to be expected. It is obvious that our associations’ activities are a thorn in the side of some people...

 Nail Çakirhan & Halet Çambel culture and art gallery: 

For the exhibition season 2005 we prepared an exhibition catalogue in three languages to introduce each of our artists. Now we are preparing the exhibition catalogue for 2006, which will be more comprehensive and of better printing quality.

Our 2006 exhibitions open their doors on Friday, May 19, 2006 at 18.00 hrs and we begin with Muhittin Köroglu's caricatures. Right through to October 29 we offer to all those interested twelve different exhibitions, from ceramics to design, from painting to photography.

Before the exhibitions can start, the entrance and the stairs have to be repaired. For his friendly support and consultation we thank our honourable member Mr. Hamdi Yücel Gürsoy.

 The Exhibition program for 2006:

19.05. - 28.05.          Muhittin Köroglu/ Caricatures
2.06. - 11.06.            B. Oyman/ N. Bozkurt/ Ceramics
16.06. - 26.06.          Dineke Mühürdaroglu/ Painting
30.06. - 09.07.          Nevin Ünal/ Painting
14.07. - 23.07.          Sevgi Aktur Studio/ Painting/Group exhibition
28.07. - 06.08.          Mehmet Bildirici/ Photo/Local History/Geography
11.08. - 20.08.          Georgeta Ionel Gözen/ Painting
25.08. - 03.09.          Emel Gülsoy/ Painting
08.09. - 17.09           Ülkü Onur/ Painting
22.09. - 01.10.          Ayten Timuroglu/ Painting
06.10. - 15.10.          Ebru Baran / Painting
20.10. - 29.10.          Art Centre Akyaka/ Painting/ Statues/ Mosaics

 The opening on the first day of each exhibition will take place at 1800 hrs. (In the month of Ramadan this will be at 1600 hrs). We invite everyone to participate in the cocktails offered – these are of course free!

 You can find the exhibition catalogue (still in Turkish, but we are working on itJ) on the web:

 Alternative tourism:

A Turkish-German commission for alternative tourism from Marmaris came to meet us and we went on a birdwatching trip together in the Gökova plain. We also took birdwatchers from the “EgeDoga association” from Izmir to the plain and later discussed which tasks and projects we could accomplish together.

 Vision Akyaka:

In October as the tourist season ended, we organized a meeting about what is left from the “Vision Akyaka” idea. After the a pleasingly high participation and a strong support in the first "Vision Akyaka" meeting in 2004, this time the lack of participation was an expression of the general disappointment of the stakeholders. Unfortunately we had to state that the shared hopes of all participants at that time had not been fulfilled.

Our fortnightly discussion-evenings:

In December we again began our two-weekly discussion evenings. At first we met in the Azmakkapi Restaurant, later in the small saloon of the Gökova Hotel discussing the following topics:

Akyaka's new touristic understanding leads us where, to the positive or negative?

Historic and ethnographic characteristics in Akyaka

Bird flu; what it is and what we should do about it?

The Akçapinar beach, waste problems, Akyaka's promenade

Inappropriate pruning or cutting of trees and shrubs.

Tree cutting as a pretext for cheap firewood procurement

Personal mosquito prevention and modern, effective mosquito control

 The working group for stray dogs (SHÇG) of the association of the Friends of Akyaka

 Sterilization, Inoculation and Release (“SIR” in Turkish "KAY"). These are now the guidelines in our country for all animal friends and associations. Finally, in the year 2004, the new law for the protection of animals (No: 5199) legislation was passed. The working group in Akyaka for stray dogs ( has been supported by the Association of the Animal Friends in Fethiye (FHDD)  since 2001.

 This interesting project means that the FHDD mobile animal hospital usually visits our municipality each year. Abandoned cats and dogs are sterilized and inoculated against rabies and parasites. The treated animals get earmarked and are set free again at the place near to where they were found. In addition the sterilized animals are looked after once a year by the Ula Agricultural Offices veterinary department. In the summer months stray animals are fed regularly by locals and tourists, and in the winter (November until May) the working group looks after them. Periodically the animals get medicines against both internal and external parasites.

 In the case of accidents or poisoning you can reach us by the emergency telephone numbers given below. But the group would appreciate donations of food for the animals and more help from genuine animal lovers. And, we would also ask if possible, less complaints!

If there are complaints about a sterilized and inoculated dog in your road, please do consider the following: If a dog is removed due to a complaint from your area, very soon another most likely unsterilized and unvaccinated dog will take its place. Let the responsible persons know if you see an abandoned animal in the area that is not yet sterilized and vaccinated. Please also remind the owners of dogs, that uncontrolled reproduction can be prevented easily.


Call for:            Yasemin ILSEVEN                 (Tel. 0252 243 5165)


 Whether you would like to be an active member of our association or have ideas about our work, or just want to ask something, or make a suggestion – even if it’s just to share a cup of coffee with us, we are here in our office in the Nail Çakirhan road waiting for you!

 Yours sincerely

Bahar Suseven


 We thank all members or friends of the association of the Friends of Gökova-Akyaka for the confidence that you have in our work.

 Constant support is very important for us. Every day we lose cultural and small town  values which must be protected. Perhaps the membership fee or donation seems to you a very small contribution; however, your help is very important for us, not only financially but your support gives us moral strength.

 If you liked to donate, you can do this directly through

 GarantiBank, Branch Mugla, Acct. NR. 507-6299583

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