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Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel House of Culture and Arts

İncilay Samuray 11.07.- 20.07. 2014

I was born in İstanbul in 1953. Due to my father's profession I have lived in different places such as İstanbul, Ankara, Sivas, Kırklareli, Konya, Çankırı and Teheran (Iran).
To illustrate the places and people I've met, I tried from time to time to express them through pictures and in writing.
In 1965, one of my works was found worthy to be exhibited by my watercolor teacher at this time, Ismet Erel and he presented this work abroad.
In the next few years I continued my work with charcoal and oil paint. First I started with copies of the Impressionist masters Van Gogh and Renoir and studied as well the work of Hikmet Onat.
After high school I continued my studies in İstanbul-Moda and continued work in the studio of the painter Şaban Mavigöz.
To be accepted to a Faculty of Fine Arts, I strove for special training. My father's work made it necessary to stay in Teheran /Iran for a while. So I had to interrupt my education.
After our return, I began to work in a state-owned bank. In that time I dedicated myself to painting.
I am married and have two children. Due to my husband's job, we moved to Antalya.
I participated in group exhibitions at the Antalya Festival. Some of my pictures are in the Museum of Painting and Sculpture in Antalya.
Back in İstanbul, I received my diploma from the School of Stylistics and Modeling of the regional office of the Ministry of National Education.
I opened my own boutique in Kadikoy/İstanbul in Baghdad Street. My paintings have been exhibited in local "Cizgi Studio ". From the artist Mahir Güven I gained a diploma for
"Basic Art Education".
Later, I was pleased to have the opportunity to travel the great museums abroad to admire and study the works of the greatest painters.
I still paint as a hobby and have started to find my own style of work. Five years ago, for health reasons, we moved to Akyaka.
My artistic activities today include ceramics, painting and jewellery design.