Gökova-Akyaka'yı Sevenler Derneği
2002 activıties:

March 16 and 17/2002, a group of divers from Middle Eastern Technical University, carefully cleaned the garbage that was thrown in to the Azmak Creek over the last several years.

 As a result of cooperation and team work with the tourist resort managers of our town, we were able to provide  free accommodation and food for the young divers.  After a delicious breakfast at Akyaka Gunes Turizm's Villa Yonca, seven divers dove for 2 hours.

They dove 4 times with 2 hour durations and collected any kind of objects, chairs, tables, large containers, carpets, tires, plastic bottles etc. Only plastic bottles was enough to fill 28 big bags. Every one should be sensitive to the importance of the cleanliness of our beautiful Azmak Creek and should do everything in their power to keep it clean.

Meanwhile, we made many acquaintances and after a pleasant meal with a lot of friedly conversation, we made plans for the next year.


The divers:

Emre Kolac       (Tecnic responsibility )
Oytun Tuzcu    (Tecnical assistance )
MuratTugrul    (Equipment)
Ozlem Oztemel  (Public relations )
Serkan Erdemli  (Leading diver)
Alper Guner       (Diver)
Deniz Tok         
 (Diver )
Mert Aygen       (D

Organization: G.A.S.-DER



First day (16.3.2002)

Arrival                                                 8:00

Breakfast and tank filling                   8:00 - 10:00                            "Villa Yonca"

First dive                                           10:20 - 12:00 (maximum)

Lunch + tank filling                            12:20 - 15:00                             Yakamoz Restaurant

Second dive                                      15:20 - 17:00 (maximum)

Dinner + tank filling                           18:00 -   ???                               Halilin Yeri Restaurant


Second day (17.3.2002) 

Breakfast                                         8:30 -  9:30                               "Villa Yonca"

First dive                                         10:00 - 12:00 (maximum)

Lunch + tank filling                          12:20 - 15:00                             Kristal Pide Salon

Second dive                                    15:20 - 17:00 (maximum)

Dinner                                              18:00 -  21:00                             Cennet Restaurant

Depart                                              21:30