Heike THOL-SCHMİTZ/ Gökova (Akyaka)

 Wildlife researcher, specialises in fishotter and wildlife inventory work. Lives in Akyaka since 10 years. Is chairwoman of GAS-Der since 6 years and educationally orientated member of DHKD, member of the Educational Information Board Ula and  member of the Western Aegean Environmental Platform Board. Goes birding sinc her childhood.

 Brian STONEMAN/ Bodrum (Güvercinlik)

 Experienced birder, besides birding actively working on the protection of Lake Tuzla.

  Thomas SCHMİTZ/ Gökova (Akyaka)

 Member of GAS-Der board. Works as webmaster for several organisations and state departments. Pratically orientated birding, hasn’t done  scientific bird-work yet. 

 Ali İhsan EMRE/ Fethiye (Çalış)

 Has been teaching maths for 3 days, worked as a measurer, now he has a bar in Calis. Grew up in rural areas and therefore learned his birding pratically. Hasn’t work scientific yet. Participates in sea turtle (caretta caretta) activities. Goes trekking every sunday with Paul.

  Paul HOPE/ Fethiye (Günlükbaşı)

Participated as an Environmental Biologist in different organisations (Wildlife Trust, “Breeding Atlas for Shropshire”) and “freelance birder”. Goes birding since his childhood together with his father, who is an biologist as well. Lives in Fethiye since 5 years and is busy in the moment with a book about his tours in Southwest Turkey. 

Later came:


Yavuz HAMZAOĞLU/ Gökova (Akyaka)

 Being a real newcomer, our friend shows genuine interest and gains experience very quickly. He works at the pharmacy in Akyaka and participates regularly since our Bodrum trip. Despite us not having any turkish books he makes a great effort and we are sure he will be a very good birder soon.


 Pam HARRİS/ Gökova  

 Pam is retired and lives in a beautifully restored old house in Gökova. She is an experienced birder and participates since our Bodrum trip. She joined us to the Birders Conference in Kayseri as well.

 Nedim Yaşar GÜRSOY/ Dalyan

 Is working as a boat captain in Dalyan, works as a newspaper writer as well. Has pratical knowledge of birds and sea turtles. Is active in some NGO’s. Brings up his son Gökcen on his own.

 Sıdıka ORHON/ Armutalan 

Sıdıka move recently from İstanbul to the Aegean. She participates actıvely since a long time in the environmental works of diverse NGO' s, specially concerned with "Eco Villages". She is doing translations for a living and started birding newly together with us.




 Ayşe BAĞIŞ/ Bodrum (Güvercinlik)

Agricultural engineer, with special degree in botanic and entomology. Lives in Güvercinlik and is starting birding freshly,

 Özden SOYLU/ Bodrum (Güvercinlik)

Works at the airport at Milas-Bodrum. Interested in birding for a long time and wants to develope her knowledge.

  Ersin SOYLU/ Bodrum (Güvercinlik)

 Wants to gain knowledge, specially interested in migration and birdlife.