Every month we try to have a field trip in a different region of the province of Mugla. At the beginning we went to the wetlands closer to where our members reside. In June for the first time, when the population of water birds decreased as a result of seasonal  changes, we climbed to the  mountains. Just for an advanture, we selected a region no one visited before and stayed overnight Goktepe Forestry facilities of Kavaklidere.

List of field trips up to the present:


Also, on June 5, for the World Environment Day, as a GAS-Der activity, we organized  a nature walk and bird watching day in the Gokova region.
After a summer break, as a part of  “Balkan Project”,  in september we counted birds systematically in Bodrum//Gulluk region.
In October, for the World Bird Watching Day, we could only participate with one “garden recording”.
During October 26-28, famous “Dikkuyruk Festival and Birding Meetings” took place in Burdur. At this festival Turkish Birding groups and Balkan project international members were present.
Europe as a whole will participate in “Counting of Mid-winter Water Birds “. In February, with DHKD’s coordination, we will also cooperate with the other  Birding groups in Turkey and take part in this event. That time and for the first time, we will divide the group into sections and move to the fields to count birds.
In Turkey, for people interested in birds and collect information on birds, there is a list of emails under the heading of “toygar”.  We send our information to “toygar” for discussion, evaluation and  storing for future use.
We started the planning of a project focusing on Storks in Mugla province. During our Bodrum trip we went to the village called Ekinanbari and met with the elected officials. We argued about “Stork problems” and determined the numbers. After that, they even invited us for dinner. Brian Stoneman is taking care of them. Similar studies are being carried out in the village of Akcapinar in Gokova  by  Heike Thol-Schmitz and Thomas Schmitz.  Also, during our Dalyan trip we visited the Stork colony in Ortaca and recorded our observations.
Very soon, information collected from every GKA Birding group fieldtrips will be presented on these pages.