Finally, after more than a year, there will be a bridge again over the river in Akyaka.


In the end of the year 2006, the old, quite  picturesce wooden bridge was taken down for security reasons.

On 30.12.2007, with a small celebration, a new bridge was put in place, about 50m streamup of the old one.


 When the officials were going on the bridge, they first thought of an earthquake until they realized that the whole bridge was moving. Just in time they managed to jump of the bridge on hard ground, then our bridge twisted a bit and finally broke to pieces and fell in the river....
This event went through the national press and tv as one of the "funniest" events of 2007.

Now a new and more successful effort is made and this time it should last longer,

we will keep you informed with the state of the work.

Now it's done! The new bridge, finished and more solid than the first effort (we hope!)