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GAS-Der Straydogs Workgroup Adoption Program


Our Stray Animal Workgroup is busily working on their animal adoption program. We urgently need short term foster parents and flight aides for adopted animals on their journey to their new homes in Europe. For our animal transfers to EUROPE we urgently need volunteers: FOSTER PARENTS and FLIGHT AIDES! Since the procedure to get animals to their new homes and parents is costly, takes time and financing, we cannot prepare and treat the animals and in the meantime let them back on the street. They have to be controlled and carefully watched i.e. kept inside or within a restricted area like a garden, until their treatment and the tests are finished. This usually takes about 2 – 3 months.

NB – BRITISH FRIENDS ….. IMPORTANT! The following refers to EUROPE ONLY – the procedure to UK is far more complicated, involving 6 months quarantine at a minimum cost of £1000 plus the additional cost of a recognised 'pet transfer company' to handle everything. Bad news for the British but much more hopeful to anyone in Europe. SO IF YOU LIVE IN EUROPE DO READ ON NOW ….

Scenario 1:

Adopting an animal from a non EU country seems such a kind thing to do. You have fallen in love with that street dog who accompanied you to the beach and went shopping with you during your holidays? You do not want to miss its sweet little face looking up at you even when you are back in your home country? And ... you already know exactly where its basket will be put at home and that your new friend will love your walks together?

And now you have to go home and do not want to leave your friend behind…and you do not know how on earth you can arrange to get your new pet home???

We will help you out but we need people HERE also to help us with the transfer procedure. We need two types of volunteers: FOSTER PARENTS and FLIGHT AIDES. Tell your friends about our need and we may be able to reunite you with your companion!

Scenario 2:

You are coming regularly to Akyaka or the vicinity and miss your four legged friends from home? Or you would love to have a dog or cat here, because you are spending your holidays or leisure time here, but for many reasons cannot afford to have a dog at home in Europe?

You are just the person we are looking for! We will give you the company you need for the time you are here, talk to us and get a foster animal on short or medium term "loan" from us! We are looking for people who are willing to foster an animal 'already assigned for adoption' during its travel preparation period. We will take care of the procedure and you will have an animal for the time it takes to have its tests done, collection of its final export papers and veterinary check before it travels to its new home. PLEASE think about being one of our FOSTER PARENTS!

Scenario 3:

You have your second home in Akyaka, therefore travelling light since all the stuff you need is here already? You do not mind taking on a bit more on your way back and you love doing good deeds? Please take one of our animals 'already assigned for adoption' back with you! Its papers will be complete, it will be ready in a carrying case or cage to travel with you as you arrive at the airport for departure and your 'temporary pet' will be taken off you at the other end by the new owner or their representative …think about it, please. Help us out. Be one of our FLIGHT AIDES!

For more information please contact the stall of the Stray Animal Work Group on the weekly market in Akyaka, above the fountain under the tree…

Or visit the office of the Friends of Gökova-Akyaka, below the post office…

Or ring one of our volunteers:

Yasemin Ilseven 0531 491 8935 (Turkish, English, German)

Be one of us – love animals!