Ülkü Onur

Ülkü Onur was born in Ankara in 1943. She retired from the ministry of Public Works as industrial designer. In 1976, she moved to Muğla with her family. She has worked as an amateur player at Ankara Deneme Sahnesi for 5 years. In 1993, she did art courses under John Robinson in London. She learnt pencil and pastel drawing techniques. In 1994, she was a student of Kayhan Keskinok and did motive courses at the State Art and Sculpture Museum. Later she did some work at Muğla Municipality Konakaltı. It is her 7th personal exhibition.



 19.061941 Born in Üsküdar-Istanbul.
1951-1956 He went to Saint-Benoit French High school.
1957-1960 He went to Ankara Deneme High school.
1967-1968 Went to Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational School in Germany
1970-1971 Marmaris, Marti Motel
1971-1994 various tourism companies
since 1995 he continues painting at Semiramis Öner workshop in Gökova-Ataköy. The artist deals with how modern people look at life under masks.  He tries to tell people’s conflicts in the real and the unreal world. The colours used are to cover this sadness.