15.06.1947        Born in Nijverdal, Netherlands

1953-1958         Primary School: Volksschule Aufkirchen, Germany

1958-1959         St. Realgymnasium Starnberg am See (High school), Germany

1959-1960        Priv. Landschulheim Oberrealschule Berg, Germany

1960-1967        Erasmus Lyceum Almelo, Netherlands

1968           Hotel Vocational High school Bad Reichenhall, Germany

1969           Got married and moved to Turkey. Lived in Ankara and Marmaris for many years.

1997           Moved to Gökova- Ataköy


They built a workshop for her husband’s sister in the garden of their house in Ataköy. In the workshop, built in the name of Semiramis Öner, who wants desperately to come to Turkey, but continues painting in the Netherlands, they have gathered artists of the area and started group works.

In 2001, Dineke took her brush and started to paint impressive landscapes with tiny brush strikes influenced by the traditional Dutch art school. She got massive interest from her environment. ‚Last Birds’ is her first personal exhibition, Nail Çakırhan - Halet Çambel Culture and Art House Akyaka

Nature, natural life, Gökova, migrating birds and Dineke...

This life was also one target of the Friends of Gökova- Akyaka Society. These works, which are in accordance with the Society’s targets, has been regarded suitable to exhibit.