Society to Support Modern Life Mugla Branch

Found Raining for Education

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The Society was founded in Istanbul in 1989. Presently this big institution has got 100 branches and 20 000 members. Its aim is to protect and improve our rights, which have been realised by with Atatürk’s revolutions and principles, and to achieve modern society standards by modern education.  


It is a non-governmental organisation

-         Gives importance to voluntaries.

-         Produces solutions, not problems.

-         Is a close follower of Atatürk’s Revolutions.

-         Supports equality in every field.

-         It is in favour of secular, social, Law State.

What does it do?

- Gives scholarships to more than 10000 university students.

- Gives education supports to 5000 Anatolian girls.

- It builds schools, kindergartens, and student hostels.

- It takes part in the National Education Support Project.